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Insurance Benefit Calculator - Oz du Soleil

Client Challenge:

A client was struggling with a recurring nine-variable calculation that helped them determine the services they could provide and for how long.

Calculation Variables

  • Fixed allotment amount
  • Deductible
  • Hourly rate of Therapy 1
  • Hourly rate of Therapy 2
  • Hourly rate of Therapy 3
  • # of hours weekly for Therapy 1
  • # of hours weekly for Therapy 2
  • # of hours weekly for Therapy 3
  • % split between client and insurance

Getting this calculation wrong meant


  • The client would run out of funding earlier than expected
  • The length of care might be under-estimated
  • Clients not properly served
  • Providing services at no cost
  • Surprising a client by cancelling future appointments because funding has been exhausted
  • Embarrassment
  • Harm to reputation

Results of having a calculator

  • Accurate estimation of care
  • Everyone in the office could do the calculation, not just one or two people
  • Peace of mind for everyone

DataScopic Insurance Calculator Sample