Excel Date FormattingQUESTION

Keely is trying to merge 2 lists and the Excel date format is different between the 2 lists.

  • List 1: Date and Time in one cell
    •  3/14/2011   11:20 AM
  • List 2: Date only
    • 3/14/2011

What’s the deal?


We can solve this formatting issue by just going to:

  • Home on the ribbon,
  • Choosing the  Number section
  • Selecting the dropdown arrow
  • Choosing either
    • Short Date
    • Long Date

On this screencast I go a little further and show more about how Excel handles dates because this issue around Excel, Dates and Times has shown up before.

Text & Date in Same Cell
Excel Keeps Turning My Data Into Dates

I can attest to this and similar challenges. I was writing nested IF statements, using Conditional Formatting, and scrubbing the messiest of the messy, and there would still be something date-related that would pop up and stall my big tricks. Excel formatting is something worth studying on its own. Excel date formatting is definitely a topic worthy of exclusive study.

So, check out the screencast:

NOTE: The 110 names for this demo were created by a Random Data Generator


Keely, I hope this answers your questions.

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