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DataScopic provides data management, data literacy, workshops and tutoring on maximizing Excel and improving data integrity.


DataScopic’s Focus & Commitment

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Available for workshops and one-on-one tutoring, Oz du Soleil can help you become more data competent and leverage the power of Excel. As one of 30 Excel MVPs in the U.S., his expertise and knowledge will help you maximize your data.

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Maximize your data by ensuring it has been acquired, validated, stored, protected and processed correctly in order for it to be accessible, reliable and timely to satisfy your needs.

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Adding Clarity To Your Business Data

Hone your ability to read, create and communicate data as information and leverage it in your business.

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My Book Is Now Available

Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Recent Posts

Microsoft MVP Summit 2015: Reflections

Last week I participated in my first Microsoft MVP Summit and it was a great experience. Several thousand MVPs are invited–each Microsoft product has its own MVP program. Word. Xbox, SQL Server, PowerPoint, Project … everythign! There are approximately 100... read more

Mo & the Bull Named Gnarly Data

My friend Mo works in the areas of branding and marketing. He text messaged me over the weekend, but I didn’t see it until about 5 hours after he’d sent the message. He was asking if I had a second to go over some Excel stuff with him. By the time we did... read more

Excel, Rap, Music Education and Cole Mize

I was up at 1am today surfing YouTube and came across a How To Rap channel by ColeMizeStudios. Some of what I saw made me shout out loud because Cole Mize (pictured on the right) is a reminder that EVERYTHING IS DATA! Everything. Cole Mize brilliantly takes music and... read more

Your Excel Questions Answered

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Have a burning data or Excel question? Discover tricks, tips, tutorials and more through this Question and Answer archive.

What does it cost to clean my data?

aeneas & cerberusDetermining the depends on a number of factors, including the amount of data, how organized the data is, the number of data sources and, of course, budget. Read more

What are the top 5 Excel functions to know?

SUMIFS the 5th of the Top 5 Excel Functions to KnowThese functions will give you serious mileage in building Excel formulas and allow you the read formulas that someone else built. Read more

How can you data parse in excel, turning a report into useful data?

PhilsMazeLearn how you get from a “report” to a sortable list using these Excel tips. Read more


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