Marathon Pace Chart

marathon runnersSomeone asked if a customizable Marathon Pace Calculator could be made in Excel. He wanted to set a goal for finishing and also adjust his pace.

We did it and here it is embedded in a web page.


  • Users can modify the Marathon Goal and Pace Variation (PV) within -15% to +15%.
  • Positive PV means the runner will save energy by running behind pace. Negative PV has the runner ahead of pace.
  • The Pace Variation Total (PVT) must equal 0 in order finish at the goal time. Therefore, the calculator includes a sum of the PVT to let you know, for example,
    • if your PVT is -3% you need to add a total of 3% somewhere else in the PV column in order to get back to 0% PVT.
  • There is a chart at the bottom of the chart showing the Pace Variation. Above 0, the runner is slower than the Average Target/Mile; at 0 the runner is at the target; below 0 the runner is faster than the average.

Dig in! Adjust the Goal and Pace Variation numbers. Check out the graph and see if the pace makes sense for the race you want to run.

marathon photo credit: chuddlesworth via photopin cc