I’ve watched this Simon Sinek video several times and it always has me reflect on my passion for Data Hygiene, Data Management and spreadsheets. Throughout the video Simon insists “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

So, why do I do what I do?

Answer: When messy data-sets (aka: crap data) are relied on:

  • Commissions calculations are wrong
  • Termination warnings are sent to the wrong employees
  • Employees are forever apologizing for mishaps that they don’t understand
  • Earned compensation/licences/awards aren’t received until someone complains
  • Good people quit or threaten to quit
  • Decisions are stalled because data-sets are murky
  • Risk of lawsuits because a calculation didn’t accurately reflect a contractual agreement
  • Overall unnecessary upheaval, misery, and GNASHING OF TEETH
Data Hygiene: ending the hell associated with messy data
The manifestation of crap data = UNDESERVED HELL for everyone involved

I do what I do because I’m driven to calm that very human aversion to unnecessary grief and provide clarity (sometimes we see clear through to bad news).
By data-scrubbing and Data Management, I feed honey cakes to Cerberus to guide business owners and their clients out of the Hell that’s caused by crap data.

Please, whatever you do, take measures to ensure that you’re working with clean, trustworthy data.  And finally: take a moment to watch the video and reflect on WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO.

Data Hygiene: Feeding Cake to Cerberus