Happy Birthday via Excel formRecently, I posted details about the challenges the client was facing, and how we arrived at a solution. Below is a screencast demo of the final product showing the Excel form, the data collection and Birthday tickler.

See the blog: Excel User Form & Birthday Notification.


The client wanted to

  • Track his data and compare against reports that were provided to him.
  • Maintain up-to-date records because the reports that are provided are 1 week behind.
  • Track important data in 1 place because the provided reports maintain the same data but in multiple locations.
  • Have an easy way to know when his clients’ birthdays are within 14 days and 30 days.
  • Have detailed views and summary views of his data.


  • Mixing data entry fields and formula fields
  • Preventing the deletion or corruption of formulae
  • Developing a document with multiple features and not having the performance slow down.


I was able to meet the criteria. However, particularly challenging was the mix of data and formulae in one location. The solution was the creation of an Excel form (User Interface) that controls the data entry, saves the data in a protected area and generates real-time summaries.
Please do have a look at the screencast and share any comments, ideas or questions.

NOTE: Data in the screencast are fictional to protect sensitive information.

Photo credit: massdistraction via photo pin cc