Cory has a puzzle:
Why do I enter 300 and Excel turns it into 3? In order to get 300 I have to enter 30000


This must feel like some kind of alien prank.

  • Enter 300 and get 3 or
  • Enter 2716 and get 27.16


Excel has a Fixed Decimal Place feature. It’s helpful if you have to enter a lot of numbers and they all have decimal places. If you don’t have to type the “.” in every time, that’s great. But how do you get out of that mode if you inherited a document that is set up for Fixed Decimal Places?

To undo it in Excel 2010

  1. Choose FILE
  2. Choose OPTIONS
  3. Choose ADVANCED
  4. Untick the box that says: Automaticallyinsert a decimal point
  5. Click OK
  6. Relax and carry on with your efforts to keep your data clean and trustworthy

Cory, does this help?

photo credit: x-ray delta one via photo pin cc