Excel Pivot Tables Training

pivot tables “Dude! It took me a whole weekend
to do what you just did in 30 seconds!”

That quote came from someone who runs a family-owned manufacturing company. They were desperate to get their business data under control. He was shocked to learn that Excel has pivot tables and they’re designed to do what took a full weekend of manual effort.

The business is doing well but he’d like to plan better and stop guessing about

  • inventory levels
  • customer behavior
  • product line performance
  • year-over-year sales, revenue and profit

He had the data he needed, but he didn’t know pivot tables. However, like a lot of people, he’d heard of pivot tables but didn’t know if or how they could help.

Let’s end the mystery!
People who work with Excel hear about Pivot Tables but aren’t sure what they are, how they can be useful or when to use them. So, let’s spend 2 hours just on Pivot Tables! They can help:

  • Get immediate, focused summaries of your data without writing a bunch of formulas
  • Assess the size of a project before you jump in
  • Check your data quality before you start any analysis

Here is a guest blogpost where I show how to use Pivot Tables to check the quality of a nonprofit’s donor information: Pivot Tables: Your Tool for Exposing Miscreant Data

In the workshop you’ll see that Pivot Tables can reduce DAYS of work down to seconds or minutes. The key is in laying out your spreadsheet properly. We’ll cover that during the session.

We’ll also look at some Excel 2013 features that make Pivot Tables even more powerful.

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