Excel Formulas: The Key To Getting Excel To Cooperate

formulasAs requested by students in the Excel Beginner/Intermediate workshop, here’s a conversation that’s purely about Excel formulas.

Whether you write the formulas or need to understand someone else’s formulas, they are the juice that makes Excel useful.┬áPeople go a long time before they use Pivot Tables, but it’s hard to get around formulas.

  • Adding totals in a budget,
  • Peeling first names away from last names,
  • Checking for duplicates and errors,

All of those require creation of formulas.

Let’s spend 2 hours together and discuss a few key functions, including:

  • IF
  • AND, OR

Let’s think through how to use them to build more complex formulas.

We’ll also discuss best practices.

  • Helper columns
  • Troubleshooting
  • Nesting
  • Handling errors

Join the course and let’s sweeten your relationship with spreadsheet formulas.