When Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen, is excited about something it’s time to pay attention. Excel Interactive View is part of Office 15 and is creating a lot of excitement because it allows users to analyze and manipulate data on a web page. Simply mind-blowing. Check out the video.

This is a frikken blast! With the Excel Interactive View, users can sort and filter, they can download the data, and open the Excel Web App and do even more.

Hopefully web developers will help users out and add the Excel Interactive View button to their tables.

Click here to see and use a live example of Excel Interactive View courtesy of DataScopic

Even if Excel Interactive View doesn’t become the next hottest thing there is still plenty to be excited about.

  • Excel Interactive View is HTML code, not worksheet formulae or VBA. This is an obvious gesture from Excel’s developers showing that Excel is getting easier to integrate with the internet and web-based apps.
  • On the page where you get the Excel Interactive View code, there’s also a link for a plugin that WordPress users will need to enable Interactive View. Again, this nod to WordPress users, fully embracing the entire web community.

The Wall Between Excel and the Internet is coming downVerily VERILY, friends,  the wall is coming down! The wall between Excel and the cloud is coming down!

The wall has already been down for some people who know so much that they’re kinda spooky. For the rest of us, I envision the ability to use our existing knowledge of Excel and combing it with things that have been web-exclusive. Put your hat on and prepare for some beautiful mashups!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler, yawl!

Don’t forget: keep your data clean.