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Excel Interactive View - Sample Data - Data Management | DataScopic

Live Data For Your Exploration of
Excel Interactive View

Get in and Let's Go - Excel Interactive ViewHop in and Let’s Go!
The table below is random Data for 66 people whom I created with a Data Generator to display Excel Interactive View (click here for Excel Interactive View Part 1).

With Excel Interactive View you can stay on the web page and find:

  • Of the students counseled by Jones, how many have not paid their fees?
  • Which State has the most 21-year olds?
  • Which counselor has the most Mac students?
  • Who are the 23 and 24-yr olds with both Mac and Windows, in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin?

Go ahead. Click the button and see how you’re able to filter, sort, and look at different views.
Click the Excel icon and venture over to the Excel Web App for more power.

As Turtle Man, Ernie Brown says, “Getcha Some!”

(Please, if you do have questions, comments or requests, add them to the comments section below or, use the Contact page. I will respond.)

First Name Last Name State Age Fees Paid? OS Pass/Fail Counselor
Charity Booker IL 21 Y Win P Li
Kai Wilder WI 23 Y Mac P Jones
Velma Franks OH 24 Y Mac P de la Cruz
Xander Duncan OH 24 N Mac P Li
Sonia Bass OH 24 Y Win F Garrison
India Carver IL 23 Y Both P Garrison
Raya Santiago TN 21 N Both P Jones
Tyrone Moore WI 23 Y Win P Cohen
Wyoming Avila PA 23 N Mac F de la Cruz
Miranda Bass PA 21 Y Mac F de la Cruz
Rhea Abbott IL 24 N Both P Li
Colton Forbes WI 21 N Both P Cohen
Gage Knowles PA 23 N Win P Cohen
Alana Bass OH 21 N Win P Cohen
Isaac Day IN 23 Y Win P Li
Jenette Moore PA 21 Y Both P Jones
Brandon Carver PA 23 Y Mac P Li
Christine Santiago PA 24 Y Mac P Li
Axel Moore IL 21 Y Mac P de la Cruz
Charissa Abbott IN 24 Y Both P Cohen
Jescie Forbes WI 24 N Win F Li
Jackson Knowles PA 24 Y Mac P Cohen
Bryar Goodman PA 22 N Both P Garrison
Caleb Hooper IL 22 Y Mac P Garrison
Wing Mccarthy WI 22 N Both P Jones
Freya Santana PA 24 N Win F Cohen
Charlotte Foreman OH 23 Y Win P Li
Steven Mckee IN 23 Y Win P Jones
Craig Santos PA 23 N Mac F Li
Justin Vazquez PA 24 Y Both P Li
Colorado Wilson PA 21 N Mac F MacBrown
Kyra Fitzpatrick IL 22 Y Both P Jones
Olympia Shepard IN 22 N Both P Garrison
Clark Fields IN 22 N Win F Li
Odette Benjamin PA 23 N Win F Garrison
Malcolm Pickett PA 21 Y Win F Jones
John Rasmussen PA 24 Y Win P Garrison
Rudyard Wilder IL 23 N Win P Jones
Elijah Booker IN 22 Y Win P de la Cruz
Clinton Booker WI 22 N Mac P Garrison
Juliet Rasmussen PA 21 Y Both P MacBrown
Courtney Randall PA 24 Y Mac F MacBrown
Kristen Little IL 23 N Both P MacBrown
Ayanna Padilla WI 24 Y Both P Garrison
Justine Snow PA 21 Y Win P Garrison
Oscar Bean OH 23 N Mac P Li
Alana Neal IN 22 Y Both P Li
Duncan Randolph OH 21 N Mac P de la Cruz
Lucy Hardy OH 22 N Both P Jones
Meghan Horton OH 22 Y Win P Cohen
Georgia Buck PA 21 Y Win P Jones
Winifred Cote PA 23 Y Win P Jones
Mauri Ward IL 22 Y Mac P Garrison
Mo Christensen WI 24 Y Both P Jones
Fredericka Harding IN 21 Y Both P Li
Ryan Conner IN 23 N Both P Garrison
Jillian Doyle IN 21 Y Both P MacBrown
Georgia Dudley IN 24 Y Win F de la Cruz
Brett Cochran IN 21 N Mac F MacBrown
MacKensie Woodard TN 24 N Both P Jones
Merrill Sellers PA 23 N Mac P MacBrown
Rajah Foley OH 23 Y Mac P MacBrown
Tim Hayden IL 22 Y Both P de la Cruz
Debra Gillespie IL 21 Y Both P Garrison
Christian Hayden IL 23 N Both P Jones
Alix Little WI 23 N Mac P Cohen