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Photo on 3-13-13 at 8.45 PM #4This is so exciting, I almost put a cuss word in the subject line! This deserves a cigar so, please join me.

For the past few months I’ve explored possibilities with Excel and the internet. I even took a PHP/MySQL course and what I discovered is that being in the almighty cloud isn’t easy unless you’re a developer. This morning … WOAH! I learned more about ExcelWebApp and that slicers and pivot charts can be used. This has been possible for at least 3 years.

Below are 2 pivot charts and some slicers for you to play with. YES! It’s interactive. Now, don’t you feel so excited that you want to cuss?

The charts are driven from hypothetical customer service reps who’d been graded in January, February and March. The data can be sliced and diced along the Months, Issues, and Average Scores. If you dig in, you can

  • Compare Rick, Elise and Rodney in February and March
  • Isolate the people who are averaging less than 3.00
  • See who’s handling Tech calls the best among Dan, Elise and Sarah
  • See if Rick’s overall averages are trending up, down or remaining flat?

Don’t be afraid. Scroll around, click on stuff and see what happens.

Please comment. Do you see this as useful for yourself? If so, how? What do you see as weaknesses?

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Oz du Soleil

Oz du Soleil is a Microsoft Excel MVP.   He's an Excel Trainer whose courses have been described as fun and they get people to relax about using Excel. Oz is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and loves good bourbon, and spicy food. Above everything else, Oz's commitment is to clean data.
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AndyNathan 1 Like

That is really cool!

OzData moderator

@AndyNathan Thanks! Are you ready to jump in and start making dashboards? Hmmm ... ?



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