random itemsMany people have emailed me after they’ve seen this inventory system demo. I never posted it for any other reason than to evangelize the prowess of Excel as something capable of more than budgets and contact lists. In this case, a small company needed an inventory system and they didn’t have the funds, people or time to bring on a database. So, over 8 weeks I created this in Excel.

Emails keep coming and my primary business is not app development & sales. So, here are 3 solutions I’ve decided to offer as a solution to make this fair for both of us:

  • Download the Excel workbook as-is.
  • Download the workbook with limited support from me. Support includes no hands-on involvement. I will answer questions and offer guidance.
  • Download the workbook and hire me for custom development.

The spreadsheet is completely open for your own customization. Functionality uses, tables, nested formulas, dropdown lists, cell protections and VBA code.

The VBA code is open. The protected sheets and cells are not password protected. The sample dataset is included.

The As-Is option is perfect for someone who has some Excel proficiency and would like to build a system but doesn’t want to start from scratch. Buy it. Improve it. Modify it for whatever you need. Change the headers and type of inventory you’re tracking. Add your logo, change the colors, add slicers, timelines, conditional formatting, etc. Take it way beyond what’s here.

This option would also be good for someone who’d like to dissect the app for their own understanding and development of Excel skill. Also consider the As-Is option if you’re someone who needs an inventory system and has a friend, co-worker or mother-in-law who can bling this out for you.

The Consultation option is offered for people who have a sense of what they’re doing but may need a little guidance. The 14-day limit is set to encourage you to get in fast!. Test, get your hands dirty, see what’s what and get on the road.

The Customization version is for someone who needs me to do the complete work of getting the app ready for their use. We start with 3 hours of customization at $100/hr. If more is needed, we move forward at $75/hr. But think very seriously about this. Customization can get expensive. You might want to consider alternatives. Maybe you’d be better served with a full-on 24-karat database.

The file is compatible for all versions of Excel; PC and Mac.

Transactions are non-refundable.

Photo courtesy of Naypong at FreeDigtitalPhotos

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