If we were to take a poll of people who are both

  • good at Data Management, and
  •  are musicians

I bet we’d find an unusually high number of bassists and drummers. Why?

Any good band must have a solid rhythm section    Any good business must have solid Data Management   
  • Neither position is out front and glamorous. So, bassists, drummers and Data Management folks are solid and take pride in quietly holding things together.
  • We’re REALLY the boss.
    • A great singer can’t make up for a bad rhythm section. But a good rhythm section can make room for a singer who misses cues and forgets lyrics.
    • A businessowner with solid Data Mangement can confidently plan, predict, and take smart risks.

When these responsibilities are handled by capable folks, everybody’s life is so easy. There’s a trustworthy foundation and a flexible atmosphere. Everybody gets to feel good.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!
FINAL POINTS A friend told me that she’d sold her business.” Translation: she sold her data.
A keyboard player once warned: a bassist is too heavy for a band to carry. The bassist has to carry the band!

CONCLUSION: Know where the REAL foundation and value are (in your data and in your rhythm section), and ensure that they’re tended to by people who realize that EVERYTHING is riding on their willingness and ability to guard that foundation.

Those Who’ve Set The Standard for Managing Solid Foundations
   Bernard Edwards, Chic    
Stuart Zender
formerly with Jamiroquai
Tina Weymouth
Talking Heads
Tom Tom Club
Bootsy Collins
James Brown
Bootsy’s Rubber Band
Chuck Rainey
Aretha Franklin
Steely Dan
Robert Palmer
Sadeo Watanabe
Barry White
the list goes on …

Go forth and please, keep your data clean.