Mo & the Bull Named Gnarly Data

My friend Mo works in the areas of branding and marketing. He text messaged me over the weekend, but I didn’t see it until about 5 hours after he’d sent the message. He was asking if I had a second to go over some Excel stuff with him. By the time we did... read more

30 Years of Excel

This week Microsoft Excel celebrates its 30th birthday and there’s a lot going on. Over at the Contextures blog, Excel MVP Debra Dalgleish sent out a general call for people to submit their early memories of Excel. This week she will be posting the stories. So,... read more

Data Analysts As Unknown Heroes

Next week is the PASS Business Analytics Conference and I did a Meet the Experts interview  that really brought me back to what continues to drive me as an analyst and someone committed to Excel and data literacy: The impact on the people who have to live with the... read more