Learning Excel By Building

Every day someone new is thrown into a data-driven/Excel situation and they don’t know where to start. So, they flail, panic, curse, pray and beg, and either figure it out or they don’t figure it out. I wondered, “what might a better... read more

More Excel Videos in 2016

As we move forward in 2016 you will see a lot more video from me and fewer long-form blogposts.  As 2015 closed there was a stretch where I’d uploaded 5 videos over 2 weeks. That level of production has never happened over the 5-ish years of this blog. One thing... read more

Beware the Octopus Spreadsheet

So many spreadsheets require basic math, but poor layout makes a spreadsheet unnecessarily complicated and brittle. They don’t need sophisticated dashboards, forecasts, statistical analysis, or connections to a database. They just need to perform basic tasks... read more

Mo & the Bull Named Gnarly Data

My friend Mo works in the areas of branding and marketing. He text messaged me over the weekend, but I didn’t see it until about 5 hours after he’d sent the message. He was asking if I had a second to go over some Excel stuff with him. By the time we did... read more

30 Years of Excel

This week Microsoft Excel celebrates its 30th birthday and there’s a lot going on. Over at the Contextures blog, Excel MVP Debra Dalgleish sent out a general call for people to submit their early memories of Excel. This week she will be posting the stories. So,... read more