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Welcome - Excel | DataScopic

Excel and Data Literacy

DataScopic provides data management, data literacy, workshops and tutoring on maximizing Excel and improving data integrity.   MVP_Logo_Horizontal_Secondary_Blue286_RGB_300ppi

DataScopic’s Focus & Commitment

speaking at IgniteChicago Available for workshops and one-on-one tutoring, Oz du Soleil can help you become more data competent and leverage the power of Excel. As one of 30 Excel MVPs in the U.S., his expertise and knowledge will help you maximize your data.

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legos_thumb.jpg Maximize your data by ensuring it has been acquired, validated, stored, protected and processed correctly in order for it to be accessible, reliable and timely to satisfy your needs.

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Adding Clarity To Your Business Data Hone your ability to read, create and communicate data as information and leverage it in your business.

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My Book Is Now Available

Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Recent Posts

Learning Excel By Building

Every day someone new is thrown into a data-driven/Excel situation and they don't know where to start. So, they flail, panic, curse, pray and beg, and either figure it out or they don't figure it out. I wondered, "what might a better introduction look like?" Teaching...

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Beyond BI Tools: The Real Life Impact

One night I was up late, thinking about Excel, data and the many conversations around the different tools that we use to get our data to tell us something useful. But I was reminded of many years ago and why I have remained so passionate about data: it's the rewarding...

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More Excel Videos in 2016

As we move forward in 2016 you will see a lot more video from me and fewer long-form blogposts.  As 2015 closed there was a stretch where I'd uploaded 5 videos over 2 weeks. That level of production has never happened over the 5-ish years of this blog. One thing that...

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Your Excel Questions Answered

ask questions Have a burning data or Excel question? Discover tricks, tips, tutorials and more through this Question and Answer archive.

What does it cost to clean my data?
aeneas & cerberusDetermining the depends on a number of factors, including the amount of data, how organized the data is, the number of data sources and, of course, budget. Read more

What are the top 5 Excel functions to know?
SUMIFS the 5th of the Top 5 Excel Functions to KnowThese functions will give you serious mileage in building Excel formulas and allow you the read formulas that someone else built. Read more

How can you data parse in excel, turning a report into useful data?
PhilsMazeLearn how you get from a “report” to a sortable list using these Excel tips. Read more


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