Oz data reultsIn this video I share my true motivation for working with Excel. The bottom line is: keep Doreen happy.

This is reminder that whatever we do with Excel and data, it’s all in service to something. There’s more than tips and tricks. There are people who have to live with the consequences. Doreen represents WHY we learn pivot tables, keep data clean and improve our skills. It’s not for mastering our tools.¬†Without our tools and technology, we still need results. We need answers, clarity and simplicity … for the people who have to live with the consequences.

Working with Doreen for several years has helped me remain focused on the fact that people who work with data have impact on the lives of real people, and that’s what keeps me passionate about Excel.

In the video I cover various challenges: obsolete reports, the importance of working with data dumps, the relationship between Excel users and IT Departments. This paints a mural of what it really really takes to work with data. A pivot table only gets you so far if you’e working with obsolete reports. So it’s not good enough to master Excel. There’s more going on. And if you have a Doreen in your world, you know that she just wants results … and peace.